Why ClickEngage?

Given that the majority of sales are now completed online we were keen to have a solution that would bring this option to the automotive industry.

As well as providing the ability to buy vehicles online, we also identified an opportunity to increase add-on sales by giving the customer the ability to truly understand the add-ons available, what their benefits are and how much they cost. By providing this openness, your customer is much more likely to buy into the stacked deal, increasing conversion and profit margins.

Ultimately the whole customer journey is catered for online, from providing their personal details, adding a part ex to the deal, stacking products, financing and then reserving online.

ClickEngage™ is designed to engage the customer, providing them with all of the information and functionality required to commit to a sale. With more and more people expecting quick sales, quick delivery and everything available at the click of a button it’s time to embrace our system and online sales.

We believe that through our platform, you will see better user experience and engagement, increased sales and better add-on uptake. Our key focus for this product is to drive the cost of sale down, respond in a timely fashion to beat the competition and ultimately, provide you with a higher profit margin. ClickEngage™ will save you and your customers time.

Through better engagement, transparency and by empowering the customer, we believe our platform is a perfect addition to your sales force.